Everything You Need
to Make Your E-Course Bangin'

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Digital products are a revolutionary tool for entrepreneurs to effect change, engage their audience, and make some serious paper. Your hard work deserves a platform that makes you stand out and gets your message out to the world! Film Your Course will equip you with the tools you need to create your own e-course for your business.

Produce Professional-Quality

You have the expertise, the authority, and the content--so get your voice heard in the most impactful way possible. You’ll learn how to create an effective, high-quality course that looks and sounds fantastic.

Choose the Best Gear
for the Job

Balanced lighting, high-quality audio, presentation software...it can get overwhelming! Learn what gear is best for you, and cut through the clutter to narrow down exactly which pieces of gear you need right now.

Nail Post-Production
Like a Pro

Post-production, including editing and graphics, is where the real magic happens. You’ll learn how to edit your videos, add bumpers and logos, and the next steps to take to get your course out into the world!

"I'm loving FILM YOUR COURSE right now. It came at the perfect time. I'm trying to film my course right now and it's kicking my butt! But your simple, straight-forward insight is not only teaching me, but it's also motivating me to GET IT DONE.

Neal Samudre

About Wes

Film Your Course is a product from filmmaker and Entrepreneur, Wes Wages. Wes has been making films, commercials, and e-courses for the last 8 years and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs achieve their goals thorough video. Wes and his wife Tera own and operate Armosa Studios in Florence, Alabama.